Gabor Szollath

Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem, Budapest

The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest


In three large scale paintings, the artist has depicted himself performing three completely ordinary activities. Due to a few elements such as the symmetrical composition of the triptych, brightly lit scenes and the actual connection of the trivial motifs with classical painting media, the scenes make a quite unusual impression, almost as if we were watching some kind of magical ritual. The actual painterly quality, combining a loose, illusively concieved approach with one particular detail of an entirely flat and smoothly painted T-shirt, enhances the curious effect of these paintings.
Marcel Fišer

*1985, HUN


2004-2010 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
2008 Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

2010 Best Of Diploma, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
2008 Out Side-In, ECA Balkony, Edinburgh
2007 Tradition and Artifice, Museum of Fine Arts, Saransk