Luc Lesage

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art, Dijon

National Superior Art School, Dijon


Luc Lesage’s greatest passion is traveling. During his studies, he hitchhiked throughout most of Europe, and a portion of his work is associated with precisely this way of life. This low-budget approach is also reflected in his other works. For the installation Schlaaack – the result of of Lesage’s urban exploration, humorously combined with a minimalist approach – Lesage decided to radically geometrize a group of objects that he found on his walks and his travels. The installation is augmented by the artist’s photographs, drawings, and prints, which work with 19th-century tourism – a time when any artistically inclined traveler possessed a sketchbook. However, Lesage’s subjects are 100% contemporary: perforated balls in the streets of Naples, traveling supplies, and recordings of random encounters.
Pavel Vančát

*, FRA