Michaela Müller

Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb


Michaela Müller’s animated cartoon looks at the issue of illegal immigration and the clash between the rich North and the poor South. A Swiss family arrives at a luxury Mediterranean resort with its two children, who go exploring outside the beach’s guarded area, where they encounter an immigrant’s provisional shelter. The artist, who has lived in Zagreb since 2005, is originally from Switzerland as well. Within its first year the film, made using paint-on-glass animation (requiring some 5,000 images in all), received many awards at various film festivals.
Marcel Fišer

*1979, CHE


Till 2009, Academy of Fine Arts University of Zagreb, New Media and Animation
Till 1998, Lucerne University of Applied Science and Art

Animation and Film
Miramare, Animation, Paint on Glass, 8', 35mm, Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, HR/CH 2009
Pozdrav iz Zagreba, Animated Collage, 1', Mini DV, 2006, Exercise at Art Academy Zagreb, HR
Hughie, by Eugene O'Neill, Autos Theaterprojekte, Zurich, CH, 2003, Animated Films
Echtsex ein unbekannter Raum, Thesis of Heinze Baumann, Gender Studies at HdK Zurich, 2003, Animation
Une petite leçon d'animation, Animation, 9', 35mm, by S. and F. Guillaume, CH, 2002, Colour Conception, Paint
Performance by Frances Belser in Blue Room, Zurich, 2001, Mostly Hungry, Animation, 5', Mini DV
Credo, Animation 2D, 7', 35mm, by Jonas Raeber, Swamp Film, CH, 2001, Inbetweens and Animation
Würfelreise, 20', Mini DV-Video Draft for a Road Movie around Europe, 1999, with Mirjam Broger
Video recordings in Sarajevo, for Thesis of Tatjana Marušić at Lucerne University of Applied Science and Art, 1996

Miramare, Centaur for Best Debut Film, Message to Man Film Festival 2010, St.Petersburg, RU
Miramare, Best Croatian Film, Taborfestival 2010, Zabok, HR
Miramare, Spirit Award, Brooklyn International Film Festival 2010, USA
Miramare, Octavian for Best Animation and Special Recognition, 19th Days of Croatian Film 2010, HR
Miramare, Best Student Animation, Festival of Croatian Animation 2010, HR
Prize for Successful Studies and Thesis, Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, 2009, HR
2. Prize for Carneval Decoration, Lucerne, CH, 2008
3. Prize for Carneval Decoration, Lucerne, CH, 2007